Complex Medium

As I started the course and readings, I wondered … “I grew up during the digital age, so this is all going to be familiar”.  I now realize I had no idea what was happening behind the digital curtain.  I was simply experiencing the interface … the front door, if you will. Accepting my place at the front door, I still found my experience represented … the blue screens, the flickering, the crashes … I think I always knew it was the access, the productivity and future unknown functions and benefits that kept me fascinated with the computer. Reading about the evolution of the medium made me realize I am still at the front door. The medium provides access to far more than I have time to know and learn about.  With this class, I hope to at least step past the front door, across the threshold and into the foyer. I hope to be able to make better sense and construct a shared meaning of this complex medium. #vtnmss14

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