Inside the mind of an inventor: D Engelbart

The article “Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework” written in 1962 allowed me to experience the thinking of an extraordinary scholar.  As I read, I was impressed at times and then intrigued at other times.  Mostly, I felt l had a vivid picture of what was imagined for technology and human augmentation over 50 years ago by Engelbart … and there is a name now for much of what he envisioned and described.  It was like playing ‘name that technology’ as I read; I did not have a name for everything but knew the descriptions were familiar. For example, I named AutoCAD, 3D … possibly 4D …. modeling, interdisciplinarity, and beta testing.  For a few of his ideas, I remarked “does this exist now?”.  The long, sometimes almost rambling discussion of the problem in the background allowed a peek into the operation of his mind and depth of his thought. #vtnms14


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