Content or Context? Perhaps I’m Confused.

The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan.

I wanted to say, in response to this reading: “I have no words”. I will admit I was a little lost when I started the reading. Though I realized it was a paradox, I still couldn’t get the meaning that was sitting right in front of my face. And then I laughed… out loud. Because when I finally got the meaning, it was tied to the very the message he was trying to convey. That is, we tend to focus on the obvious and miss the context or maybe even the change in context. Good one Marshall! Then I was able to read clearly his message … this whole idea of unanticipated or unintended consequences, I think. We, whoever we are, tend to miss the ‘bigger picture’ or the ‘next thing’ or what changes in the big picture that might lead to the ‘next thing’. I think this is what he’s talking about.

If this is what he’s talking about, then I totally relate! The larger context… the environment in which things occur … yeah, ‘we’ often don’t pay attention to that or maybe ‘we’ don’t yet understand it. I don’t know what to do about it though. In problems I investigate, it is often the context that is important to answering the central question … but what are all the components of the context and what changes may be observed? … it’s these types of structural questions that will guide many research questions to come. Hope I did not stray too far with this one!

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